Jérémy Rasse
Jérémy Rasse
Benjamin Papillault
Benjamin Papillault
Our history

ICON6 is the alliance of two passions: the image and the web.

After numerous attempts Jeremy asks Benjamin to realize his photography site. The site is a success, it receives many visitors.

With this success and driven by the desire to help entrepreneurs who have little technical knowledge, they open ICON6 with the objective to propose a solution accessible to all.

Creating a new version and disappearance of 6 to simplify access to the site.

Why ICON6?

ICON is both the image, the computer icon and the visual representation. Describing perfectly our company and its activities.

6, for the uniqueness of the brand and pronunciation sys (system) French.

"We work hand in hand with our users to understand the changing needs and provide a simplified solution."